In Rieti we will have soon a monumental organ;  this will be a ideal instrument, following the rules reported from ancient Encyclopedists, as Dom Bedos and Mr. Roubo les Fils.
Due to detailed and traditional building methods, this Organ will have a European Monument Nomination.

This Project was born in 2000, during the great Jubilee Organ concert in S.M degli Angeli, Rome. Some organ experts, musicians and enthusiasts had a meeting with the artist who built the masterpiece: the italian organ builder Barthelemy Formentelli; if you should have the chance to visit the Jubilee Organ, you could see and taste the unbelievable level of the wood sculptor and Organ art. The stops voices are ancient, deep and warm. The reeds are strong and clearly pure. The organ color is something different, related to common industrial works. Hearing this instrument, you will perform a "time travel" on the XVII century.  Formentelli explains the method of his art. He works faithfully, following the rules of a '700 french organ builders.  The guidelines of this art are reported on Encyclopedic books: 'Art du Facteur d'Orgue, by Dom Bedos des Celles (1765), and, regarding the sculptor art, on the "L’Art du Menuisier"  1768 – 1770, by Mr. Roubo le Fils, Maitre Menuisier: Traité Encyclopedique Français.  These artistic books explain in every details (mechanical, keyboards, pipe measures and constriction, body organ balance and so on) how must be built a real XVII century Pipe Organ. Formentelli confided us about his greatest dream: to finalize his artist carrier with a Dom-Bedos absolutely pure Organ Building, never builted as it is explained over the Books. The our organ is becoming real today. It will be basedo over a 32' Rank on the Great Organ. Only the first pipes will be on wood, "tapped". A double Trompette "En Chamade" ranks  will be posed under the "Montre". You can see the Original Drawing by Formentelli below on this page.

Encycolpedic Books "Dom Bedos De Celles"

The Organ Stops

The Organ Builder: B. Formentelli

A Tour to the  Formentelli "Atelier"



  This unbelievable and great Instrument, based on 32' Principal at Great Organ with 5 Keyboard, is 100% as per the Ideal , Theoric Organ reported on "Dom Bedos" encyclopedic book "L'art du Facteur D'Orgue - 1765". Today, on the "informatic" and pure Techological Era, our Committe is performing a dream : to rebuilt a pure Mechanical,handicraft Organ following the rules of "l'Age d'Or de la Musique Française".

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