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Thanks to all the contributors of the SCPOP midi files Archive!

Raffaele Diodati (Italy)

I live in north of Italy, age 38, and my job is in Quality Control. My hobby since I was teenager is music. I reached the graduation in piano in 1980, but my recent interests are in organ music. My preferred author is J.S. Bach.


Filippo Tigli (Italy)

I live in Center Italy, age 38. My job is proj engineer in Telecom Industry. I follow too many hobbies to obtain good results :-) : Scpop, Pipe Organs, Performing Baroque Style "free" compositions, Computers,  Diving, Swimming, Cycle & Motorbikes, Trains, and so on... A Great "Thank you"  to my wife :-)


Louke Kleyn (Canada)


Andrea Amici (Italy)


Andrew Maguire (U.K.)

I have been enthusiastic about organ music for many years. Combining this with an interest in computers and sound modules is too much to resist. I also play the bassoon. I am an ordained minister of the Methodist Church and teach New Testament Greek at our nearby Ministerial Training College alongside pastoral responsibilities.

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Federico Borsari (Italy)


Tatsuhiro Yano (Japan)


Martijn Bakker (Netherland)


Simon Rigot (Belgium)


Martin Robinson (U.K.)


Lloyd B. Thompkins (USA)




Emilio Tettamanti (Italy)


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Giuseppe Ceraso (Italy)


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Ignacio Sniechowski (Argentina)


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Jim Moore (USA)


David W. Solomons


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Randy Reid (USA)


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Marty Kleyn (USA)



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William Shattuck (USA)


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Bill Kibler (USA)


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Henk Beens (NL)


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David Siu


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James Chauveau (France)