SCPOP 2000
(updated February  2001)

Patches & Add-on Download Page

Updated Scpop EXE Files 

Scpop2K V2.0a exe file

(129 K)

V2.0a FIX :  If Mute on, it doesn't work if you change any stops. 

After first trial period, Scpop Users report us some bugs form V2.0 final version. We have found problem on Mute / Restore buttons. When you leave Mute ON m, but you change stops, this new one will sound. Patched EXE file is downloadable here .... use it togheter the old one.. simply luanch it and try.

This EXE should work on your system if DLL versions are the same from Scpop2K Installation. If no, please report this to


Green Look

A different "GREEN"  wood panel and buttons for Scpop2K. Copy this directory to your Scpopdir. Then, simply overwrite all existing files on Scpop dir. with these.Restart Scpop. Remember to backup the original file before to do it (It works only for Graphical Interface)

If you LOSE original files, simply download original brown look above.

Brown Look

Default Brown look. Use it to replace old files , if you lost them.

(Stops Combination Files) for Scpop2000 are free available here :

concerto italiano 

F.Tigli - Scpop2K Sounds for an Italian-Style concert , 4 combinations

concerto A minor

F.Tigli - Scpop2K Sounds for  Bach-Vivaldi A-minor Organ Concert, 5 combinations