The SCPOP Authors

Raffaele Diodati


Filippo Tigli

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We are pipe organ enthusiasts since a long time. We both are engineers employed in the electronic industry and living in Italy. Raffaele has a graduation in piano, his preferred author is J.S.Bach. Filippo instead, altough he has never done formal studies, has a deep knowledge of the baroque music and is able to perform improvisations and counterpoints in that style; he has also played some of the best european pipe organs like that in Alby cathedral, France. Now he is working to support a First pure Dom Bedos-Roubo Syle Organ building in  S.Domenico Church (Rieti, Italy) : Organ will be built by B. Formentelli.

We received appreciation inside the Sound Canvas Users Group mailing list, being among the preferred composers in the SCUG contest n.10 in February 1997.