The SCPOP Christmas Albums

Thanks to the performers that contributed to these Christmas Albums,
offered to anyone with the best wishes of Peace and Joy !



ALBUM 2003

 Bach (Kreb) - Little Prelude and Fugue BWV553 (Simonetto)

 Bach (Kreb) - Little Prelude and Fugue BWV554 (Simonetto)

 Bach (Kreb) - Little Prelude and Fugue BWV555 (Simonetto)

 Bach (Kreb) - Little Prelude and Fugue BWV556 (Simonetto)

 Bach (Kreb) - Little Prelude and Fugue BWV557 (Simonetto)

 Bach (Kreb) - Little Prelude and Fugue BWV558 (Simonetto)

 Bach (Kreb) - Little Prelude and Fugue BWV559 (Simonetto)

 Bach (Kreb) - Little Prelude and Fugue BWV560 (Simonetto)

Eremin - Variazioni per organo (Borsari)




Christmas Album 2002

"Christmas" Sea Dragon (From Indonesian Java Sea)


D'Aquin - Noel IX 'Sur les Flutes'   


Performed by R.Diodati 

 2 Variations sur 'Puer Nobis Nascitur'

Performed by F.Borsari

Elevation 4 sur des Noels Carcassonaises Performed by F.Borsari

 Offertoire n. 1 sur deux Noels Performed by F.Borsari

 Offertoire n. 6 sur un Noel Espagnol Performed by F.Borsari

Toccata in G major Performed by L.Kleyn


Christmas 2001 Album   


"In Notte Placida" -Interludio


Performed by R.Diodati 

Schubiger Resonet in Laudibus

Performed by R.Diodati 
(Including Nice Bells Stop Effect)

J.Walther Schmucke dich, o liebe Seele)

Performed by L.Klein

E. Zwiep Este's Psalter 1592

Performed by L.Klein

Christmas 2000 Album   


Pastorale in F major, BWV 590  
I tempo

II tempo
III tempo
IV tempo

performed by R.Diodati

F.Borsari Pezzi Liturgici
1 Veni Creator Spiritus
2 Dies Irae
3 Ave Maria di Lourdes 
4 Adeste Fideles.
5 Variazioni su Inno di SanPaolo
Performed and composed by F.Borsari
F.Asma  Heerlyk klonk
 Stille Nacht 3
Performed by Louke Kleyn
T.Griekspoor  Schoonste HeerJezus  Performed by Louke Kleyn
Bijsma Voluntary Bylsma Performed by Louke Kleyn
F.Tigli Corale di Natale 2000 Performed and composed by F.Tigli
G.F.Haendel Armonie di Bethlemme Performed by G. Ceraso
J.P.Sweelinck  Puer nobis nascitur Variations Performed by Henk Beens

  Christmas 1999 

Claude D'Aquin NoŽls Sur Les Jeux d'anches Performed  by R.Diodati 

With great stops variations work : for this piece , Echo Effects on 3 keyboards are obtained by expression & stops change.

Claude D'Aquin NoŽl VIII Sequenced From Jim Moore    
Nicolas Lebegue (1631-1702) NoŽls variťs: Puer nobis nascitur Sequenced  by Henk Beens 

Feike Asma


Gezang 296 - 'tJaar heeft haast zyn loop volbracht

Louke write us :

This is a song that is usually played in churches after Christmas and before the end of the year.
Perhaps a very nice song to end our present millennium. Enjoy.

Performed by Louke Klein  
 Claude-Benigne Balbastre (1727-1799)   A La Venue De Noel Performed by Louke Klein  
 Folkert Zwaving Komt, wilt U spoeden naar Bethlehemgne 

Freely translated: Come, make Yee haste to  Bethlehem

Performed by Louke Klein  
J.S. Bach Chorale "Gottes Sohn ist kommen" BWV 600 Performed by A. McGuire



Fantasies and Improvisations over "Coeli Enarrant Gloria Dei" theme

The Theme

Federico Borsari:
Improvisation in three movements

Henk Beens:
Fantasy I and Fantasy II

Marty Keil:
jazz improvisation on Hammond

Simon Rigot:
jazz improvisation on Hammond

Christmas 1998

Classical and original pieces for Christmas time

Claude D'Aquin: Noel 1
performed by Andrew Maguire

A.Corelli: Pastorale (transcription)
performed by Raffaele Diodati

J.S.Bach: Fuga Giga in G
performed by Martin Robinson

Filippo Tigli: Christmas Chorale



Fantasia on "Adeste Fideles"
by Federico Borsari

Christmas 1997

Variations on "Silent Night"
by Filippo Tigli

L. Claude D'Aquin :Noel Suisse X (Gran Jeux et Duo)
performed by R. Diodati

"Quem Pastores" - 14th century carol for Christmas matins
arranged by R. Jordan

Improvisation on "Midden in de Winternacht"
by Martijn Bakker

Sandra Wilmot : Gloria for SATB (choir and organ)
performed by Louke Kleyn

Max Reger : "Vom Himmel hoch, da komm ich her"
sequenced by Henk Beens


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