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The Project : Rebuild a original 1700th pure Dom Bedos Organ today !

After great Jubilee Organ Concert in Rome, SM degli Angeli 2000, some organ enthusiasts , musicians  and experts joined theri force to found "Comitato Pro Organo S.Domenico" : Our Goal was to build a unique great mechanical organ in Rieti, in monumental restored S.Domenico Romanic Church.  Barthelemy Formentelli was selected immediatly for his references. He proposed us a dream : during 1700th, Dom Bedos de Celles and Roubo le Fils wrote encyclopediques volumes about '700 Organ Building State of the Art. On these volumes , a Organ design 16 Foots  ( Roubo le Fils, Maitre Menuisier: Traitè Encyclopedique Français "L’Art du Menuisier  1768 – 1770) is reported.  


 This "ideal" beatiful instrument was never builded on correct dimensions and plan. So, our committe decided to recreate this dream after 240 yearst. B. Formentelli should be unique Organ Builder in the world that could  assume itself the risk to recreate a 1700 organ totally with orginal building methods. (Whole Organ (Pipe and Monumental Buffet) will  be built using original or rebuilded tools, as reported on Dom Bedos - Roubo Volumes. Wood will be richness worked , panels, ornaments and so on will be excatly rebuilded. I designed  a computer graphic Organ design, using some real Formentelli and Hystorical organ parts and putting them over original Dom-Bedos prospect : Dom Bedos-Roubo never builded organ will be as follows :

Computer-created Dom Bedos - Roubo Formentelli Prospect Organ in Rieti

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