Frequently Asked Questions

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last updated October 2002





2. Can SCPOP98/2000 can be played with Sound Blaster or via Sound fonts technique?

3. When I am playing I have note hanging. Why? In which way can I reduce them ?
4. I installed the multiclient midi drivers and the SCPOP program gives an error on startup. Why?
5. How can I change the fixed combinations ?
6. Can I use only one Midi Input Device ?
7. If I use SCPOP98 in background with other applications it is very slow. Why ?
8. Midi Cable : is it a problem ?
9. Keyboards and midi environment: there are recommended solutions for Scpop98?
10. Poliphony! How many voices are allowed for Roland synth models?
11. Does it a complete midi pedal board exist?
12.Books and Texts About Organ (from P.Cipolla suggestions)
13. More information on new USB  MIDI Devices (ROLAND UM-2) ?
14.How can I subscribe to the Scpop project ?
15.It is possible a  Live Recording with Scpop and sequencer ?
16.There is a tutorial about Scpop Sound Creation ?



SCPOP is compatible only with real hardware Roland Sound Canvas family midi modules. The SCPOP project is not sponsorized by Roland, simply that was the hardware the author owned when first had the idea of this project in 1997.


Are excluded from SCPOP all other brands like Sound Blaster, Yamaha, etc... Are also excluded the software synths like all models of Virtual Sound Canvas.


Inside the Roland models the only hardware that is fully compatible with SCPOP are those modules whose name is excplicitely "Sound Canvas" or starts with the letters "SC" like: 

SC-55 all models, SC-155, SC-88 all models, SC-8850, SC-8820 etc... plus some other hardware like JV-30, JW-50, JV-1000, M-GS64, G-800. 


Unfortunately Roland/Edirol has dismissed the Sound Canvas product line. New Roland midi modules (Studio Canvas SD family) are not compatible with SCPOP. 


Sorry, but there are no chances at the moment for different versions of SCPOP, mainly because the authors have not in mind to buy new midi modules...


If you are interested in using SCPOP and need to buy a midi module we suggest you a second hand SC-8850, since it has greater poliphony, or if you do not have so much money to spend, try to find a SC-88 (all kind of models) that is still the "best buy" since it is the module where SCPOP has been created.



1. Can SCPOP98/2000 be played with Sound Blaster or via Sound fonts technique?

No!  Scpop98 contains ONLY configurations for Roland Sound Canvas modules , not the sound samples. We have not in mind to port SCPOP98 sounds into sound fonts. But there is a scpop user that has experimented with such things: write to


Some system users do not have these files on Windows\System directory : MFC40.DLL  MSVCRT40.DLL    MSVCIRT.DLL . These files aren't on olderScpop98  setup files. To solve this problem, a latest Scpop Setup Packages are available now. Please select your preferred project (55,98,2000) and download it from HEREWrite me for more details.  

3. When I am playing I have note hanging. Why? In which way can I reduce them ?

Today this  well known, although not yet 100% solved problem, seems reduced. On early Scpop times, Computers was relately slow. Now we have 1 Ghz and more processors, so note hang seems less important.  Depending on hardware configuration NOTE OFF messages can be lost from SCPOP software. To reduce this problem the new SCPOP98 MIDI routines are simpler and faster than the older version. Nevertheless, depending from user's  hardware, not always this improvement is effective. It seems that SCPOP performs better when running on high speed hardware or even with simply a different keyboard. So we are continuously debugging our program to find a definitive solution, as far as allowed by our resources... A certainly useful option is the note message delay that you can find in SCPOP98/SETUP menu, able in many cases to reduce note hanging: adjust this value from the minimum value 0 and find your optimum setting.Verify also midi cables quality (See Faq 9). Some users now uses MIDI USB INTERFACES as Roland UM2. This high-speed midi interface pratically kills note hang problem 

4. I installed the multiclient midi drivers and the SCPOP program give an error on startup. Why?

SCPOP expects to recognize the same MIDI DEVICES situation at startup. If you change it an error occurs. Simply delete the SCPOP98.CFG file from your program directory and run the program again. The problem disappears.

5. How can I change the fixed combinations on Scpop98/2000?

In latest SCPOP98 version fixed combinations are pre-determined at installation. If you want to change it simply configure the FREE MEMORIES as they were your preferred FIXED MEMORIES configuration. Then click on menu FILE-CONFIGURE CURRENT FREE MEMORIES AS FIXED MEMORIES. Program ask you to confirm this operation. After that your FIXED MEMORIES will be newly configured. This configuration is saved in SCPOP98.CFG file. If you delete it (as for errors described in FAQ 2.) you loose your fixed memory configuration.

* TIP *  : To log your fixed memory configuration, save it also in a memory .SQS file (I.E. myfixed.sqs).

6. Can I use only one Midi Input Device ?

Yes, you can! If the program crashes at setup of MIDI DEVICES SETTING, delete SCPOP98.CFG file and try again.

7. If I use SCPOP98 in background with other applications, it is very slow. Why ?

All Visual Basic executable files seems to have low priority when they are in background. A solution would be to assign them higher priority, but till now we were not able to find out this feature in our VB 5.0 developer suite...

8. Midi Cable : is it a problem ?

Yes! From users' experience it seems that cable rule is important. Good quality midi cable is absolutely required. Some midi communications problems disappears after cable change. Any users report problem with original AWE GOLD cable.

9. Keyboards and midi environment- are there are recommended solutions for Scpop98?

Users' experience show us that Midi ports/Keyboards/Cable combination require some luck to running perfectly :-) : MPU401 cards are better than Sound Blaster midi ports.Some users are satisfied with RS232 Serial Connection. Sometimes, strange things happens : a hint & tip collection follows:

*Sound Canvas is used in conjunction with my JV1080. If I shut off the power to the 1080 notes begin to hang while using the SCPOP and the Sound Canvas. Fortunately the solution here is easy... I keep the 1080 on!

*When my Sound Canvas is used in conjuction with some other midi hardware there are certain times it will hang up. Quite by accident I discovered the cause . It is multiple earth or ground connections. When I remove the extra grounds by disconnecting, the problem disappears.

*SERIAL PORT AND MIDI PORT : ...I was also wondering if the Serial and the MIDI interfaces could work together? One can still use the MIDI B-port of the SC 88 when the serial port is connected to the computer's COM-1 or COM-2. Roland A33 master keyboard connected to the SC-88's rear MIDI-B works fine. Look at page 5-5 of the english SC88 manual.

*SCPOP LIVE RECORDING PROBLEM : ...I have not tried recording using the SCPOP program (If that is possible) because of problems with the hanging notes. My Korg i4S makes the notes hang every time! This problem would be caused from CAKEWALK MIDI ECHO set to AUTO mode when you use LB1 as midi in / midi out in Cake settings. Mind to set ECHO to none before touch your keyboard, or infinite loop hangs all! If you want recording live stops change, enable Cake's SYSEX REC OPTION. Download SCPOP98 HELP FILE for detailed information.

10. Poliphony! How many voices are allowed for Roland synth models?

This is a "poliphony table" for common synths models(Keyboard & Midi Modules) , that are suitable for Scpop98.:

24   SC55 /155 /SCC-1
28   XP10
28   SD35
28   SC55mkII PMA5
64   SC88 / SC88VL/ SC88ST / 88Pro/ MGS64 / SC880 / E86 / G600 / G1000
128 SC8850 New Usb Roland Device. It presents currently some sounds mismatch with Scpop reeds. Please download Specific DAT  File from your registered user Scpop page.

You could also have a look at Gary Agnew's Sound Canvas Family page

11. Does it exist complete midi pedal board?

Only complete Midi Pedal board seems to be Hammond/Suzuki pedal board, but it is too expensive. Cost is about that of a SC88 pro module :-( . Some people on the Scpop mailing list are currently attempt to build one themselves. Other users have linked SCPOP to commercial 2-keyboard and pedal organ consoles.

12.Organ Books (From Scpop member Philip Cipolla )

HURFORD, PETER     Making Music on the Organ, Oxford University Press, 1990.
A short book full of insights on the physical aspects of the organ and especially on the technical and interpretive aspects of organ playing...contains no musical exercises or pieces however. Contains a good, concise reading list of books every organist should be familiar with.

GLEASON, HAROLD.     Method of Organ Playing, Prentice Hall, date? (now in 8th edition)
Long the standard beginning organ tutor for serious students here in the US. Contains studies and pieces for both manuals and pedals. Full of range of background information; all within two hard bound covers.  Primarily a tutor of modern technique.

RITCHIE, GEORGE & GEORGE STAUFFER.     Organ Technique: Modern & Early, Prentice Hall, 1992.
As the title suggests this hardbound tutor is actually two tutors in one. Early (harpsichord style) technique used up through Bach's contemporaries and modern (piano style) technique developed in France in the nineteenth century.

ENRIGHT, RICHARD.     Fundamentals of Organ Playing: Two Practices, Concordia, 1988.
Another tutor that presents both early and modern technique.  Inexpensive introduction. Shorter and less fully annotated than the two standard works above.

BROCK, JOHN.     Introduction to Organ Playing in the 17th & 18th Century Style, Wayne Leupold Editions, 1991.
A very good, short, and inexpensive tutor for the first steps in organ playing for those interested primarily in earlier organ music.  Very clear instructions are supplemented by a cassette tape of several of the exercises and pieces performed by the author.  Once you work your way through this tutor you will want to check out the other organ pedagogical materials published by Wayne Leupold Editions, in particular their Historical Organ Techniques and Repertoire series (recordings of pieces are available for volume 1 of the series which treats Spanish organ music).  Another good work for the more advanced player interested in authentic historical interpretation is Sandra Soderlund's Organ Technique:An Historical Approach (with 2 cassette recordings of pieces recorded by the author) published by Hinshaw Music.  Note: a good deal of early organ music can be played on a single manual.

AHLGRIMM, ISOLDE.     Manuale der Orgel und Cembalotechnik, Doblinger, 1982.
Written in both German and English, this work is a collection of finger exercises and etudes rather than a tutor per se.  Another good work which focuses on fingering is Early Keyboard Fingerings: A Comprehensive Guide by Mark Lindley and Maria Boxall published by Schott.  The exercises and etudes in both these works are taken from historical sources and can be played on a single manual without pedalboard.

13.New Midi Usb Devices ?

Now users can easy use new USB Midi Interfaces. These allows better Scpop running, due to High USB Bus Speed. Roland has many devices on its catalog.. cheaper is first UM-2 USB 2 Midi In 2 Midi Out Device. This is better component for 2 Keyboards Scpop Configuration. I have tested it. Drivers doesn't present any problem under 98ME/XP/2000 and UM-2 is really very fast and cut off every sysex sending problem  when you hear SCPOP midi files with Windows multimedia player. Another advantage is multi-midi client UM-2 native driver. You can use more midi devices connected to UM-2 drivers. UM-2 is a very good object for every Scpoppers. I removed old ISA MPU 401 card from my computer.

14.How can I subscribe to the Scpop Project?

Starting from March, 2000, Scpop project is Shareware. Scpop Project Registration costs US $50, and is payable online at  Kagi site by credit card (secure transactions). The $50 is a subscription to all future Scpop2000 development & versions.

15.It is possible  Live Recording with Scpop and sequencer ?

Yes. Many users use CAKEWALK Sequencer , Multi-Midi Clients and Scpop to live recording their perfomances. Please read Scpop HELP File (Help file is on Scpop software package.You can download it from Project pages) to learn more.

16.There is a tutorial about Scpop Sound Creation ?

Yes. A detailed guide to learn more about Scpop sound creation is Here