SCPOP CONSOLE by K.E.Bernhardt


by Kenneth E. Bernhardt

As all Scpop Friends, Kenneth wishes play a really pedalboard at Home.. due to poor and uncheeper single Pedalboards Midi Market, some Scpop Friends move their brains and their arms & tools to obtain the goal.. and the Kenneth idea's to obtain a midi pedal board is absolutely "particular"...

Kenneth Says :

When the decision was taken to construct  the midi organ, the primary concern that I had was to try to replicate the feel of a good handmade pedal board with all the variations that this implies.  The major problem was how to interface the pedal board to the computer.  At first, I imagined that I could use a system similar to that of the Baldwin Organ Company using switches, springs, etc., passing the on/off of the switches through a midi translation board.  This was a total failure.  In the first place, there would have been no decent feeling of action and then there was the difficulty in obtaining the proper midi interface board (something that would actually work).  So, after failure at this, I decided to revert to the ancient practice of mechanical action.  This cost me an additional two months of work, but was well worth it.  The action employs wooden levers, pull-downs, etc., to play a third midi keyboard.  This is as close to a tracker action as it is possible to devise.  The enclosed photographs should explain how this was accomplished.

The midi organ bench was constructed of Mahogany and Oak.  The console was constructed of Oak and Walnut.  The pedal board frame is Mahogany, and is as close to AGO standards as possible, this means concaved and radiating.   The sharps are Walnut and the naturals are Oak.  All keys are sprung at the heel end with plates, and at the top end with compass springs.  Mahogany was used because of its stability through all weather conditions.  The Oak was used because of its strength.  The style of the organ is in Danish Modern with all edges radiused.  The finish is hand-rubbed Danish Oil, waxed.

I am now 53 years old, and I have not had the opportunity to play such a pedal board since I was 10.  It is indeed a wonderful thing to have an organ that sounds so like a pipe organ as a practice instrument.  Thank you for all the time taken in the development of the SCPOP software.  The only real complaint about the software, is the language that was chosen to write it in.  Visual Basic is a translated language, the EXEs look extremely small, but in fact  everything  is tied to massive DLLs (run time libraries)  The whole mess must be translated that is why the program runs so slowly.  A better choice would have been Visual C++.  The best choice would have been Delphi, Object Pascal.  Delphi will run at least ten times faster than C++.  But you would have had a harder time writing the midi routines. ...

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