Personal Works of SCPOP Friends

Updated 7/11/2003

Lynn Walls
Scpop Console Page


by Lynn Walls

November, 2003



A Scpop Console 
Detailed Description


By Jose Luis Pelaez

April, 2003

A Scpop Console with "Complex" Pedalboard


By Kenneth E.Bernhardt

February, 2002

A Organ Stops Multilanguage "Database"

By all Scpop Fans 

February, 2002

The SCPOP box,
to play SCPOP without PC
By Roberto Rainaldi
A low-cost complete 

organ console

By Paul Solek
Creation of Harpsichord Sounds

by Louke Kleyn
and Filippo Tigli
Page and Sounds

by Simon Rigot
The Notre Dame Cathedral Organ description and its digital restoration by James Chauveau