The Harpsichord Page

by Louke Kleyn and Filippo Tigli


The result of harpsichord sounds research developed by L.Kleyn and F.Tigli is available here.
It is a Cakewalk template file containing harpsichord sounds in sysex form, that can be easily used to perform and record harpsichord music.

The Harpsichord
Cakewalk template


Some midi files using these harpsichord sounds

D. Scarlatti Sonata in C Maj performances by L. Kleyn
Jacques Duphly La Felix  
  Rondeau (Tendre)  
  Rondeau (Premier Livre)  
Thomas Arne Sonata nr. 1 in F Major  
  Sonata nr. 6 in Bb Major  
J.S. Bach Toccata in E min performances by R. Diodati
  Prelude & Fugue in C Maj
(from The Well Tempered Clavier - book I)
F. Poulenc Novelette in C Maj  

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